Property Floorplans

Floorplans are essential to have done before a property goes on the market. We offer floorplans alongside our photography and EPC service making it a convenient addition to add to the visit to your clients house. From time of instruction, we make sure that the floorplans are completed quickly so you have everything you need to start marking the property to the public.

On the day of the appointment, we will attend the property with state of the art laser measuring devices that allow every room to be measured quickly and accurately with as little disruption to the home owner as possible. Every door, window and partition and building structure is recorded to give a true and easy representation of the property. Once back at our office, the measurements are placed through our software to create a digital version.

Although, as standard we offer traditional 2D floorplan representations, we can also offer a 3D virtual reality version that will immerse the viewer in the property as if they were there.

The majority of our work is for estate and letting agents for property listings, however, we are also able to undertake floorplans for clients considering an extension or other home planning renovations where an accurate mapping of the property is needed.

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Our 3D Floorplans

In addition to our traditional floorplans, we can also offer a 3D version too!

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